My work as a historian is intimately tied to my life as an activist. My first women’s history course brought me to grassroots feminism and my activism continues to shape my practice of history.

I am an associate professor of history in the Social Science Department and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Option at CUNY – LaGuardia Community College. Courses offered include US History, the History of Women and Gender, Politics of Sexuality, and African American History. Service work at LaGuardia is driven by my commitment to a more affirming campus for all students. As the creator and coordinator the LGBTQIA+ faculty and staff group, Lavender LaGuardia, I am leading efforts to expand access to gender neutral restrooms, train all faculty and staff on inclusive pronoun use, provide practical support for addressing homophobia in the classroom, and more. Beyond campus, I serve as co-chair of the Committee on LGBT History and co-coordinator of Clinic Escorts for NYC.

Presently, I am preparing a manuscript on the history of lesbian feminism as a distinct social movement, focusing on the California activists who shaped the national network of lesbian separatist politics and culture.

My twenty-plus years of activism includes extensive involvement in women’s, LGBTQ, and union rights movements. This work includes everything from community-based grassroots service to statewide organizing. Lesbian-identified. Abortion activist. Union member.