curriculum vitae

Associate Professor of History, Social Science Department, 2020 –
Assistant Professor of History, Social Science Department, 2017 – 2020
CUNY – LaGuardia Community College

Graduate Student Instructor, 2010 – 2015
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Ph.D., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, History, 2016

Dissertation: “That Women Could Matter”: Building Lesbian Feminism in California, 1955-1982
*Recipient, John D’Emilio LGBTQ History Dissertation Award from the Organization of American Historians for best dissertation in US LGBTQ history
Dissertation Committee: Regina Morantz-Sanchez (chair), Matthew Lassiter, Gayle Rubin, Rachel Neis, and Rebecca Kluchin

M.A., California State University, Sacramento, History, 2009

Thesis: The Lesbian is Political: Finding Women’s Liberation in the Emergence of Lesbian Identity Politics
Thesis Advisors: Rebecca Kluchin and Chloe Burke

B.A., University of California, Davis, History, 2001

Articles and Book Chapters
“Lesbian Identities and Subcultures via Race, Class, and Gender,” in Cambridge History of Sexuality in the US (forthcoming).

“Voicing Gay Women’s Liberation: Judy Grahn and the Shaping of Lesbian Feminism,” Journal of Lesbian Studies 19 (3): 357-366.

Encyclopedia Entries
“Femmes and Butches,” Global Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer History, Howard Chiang, et al, eds. (Farmington Hills, MI: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 2019), 538-543.

Review of Strange Bedfellows: Marriage in the Age of Women’s Liberation by Alison Lefkovitz, The Docket at Law & History Review (August 2018).

Review of “‘She’s That Way’: Female Same-Sex Intimacy and the Growth of Modern Sexual Categories in the US, 1920-1940,” by Anastacia Jones, Dissertation Reviews.

Faculty Fellowship Publishing Program, City University of New York, 2019

John D’Emilio LGBTQ History Dissertation Award, Organization of American Historians, 2018

Rackham Merit Fellow, 2009-2016

History Department Endowment Fellowship, University of Michigan, 2016

Rackham Humanities Research Candidacy Fellowship, University of Michigan, 2015

Arts of Citizenship Mellon Public Humanities Fellowship, University of Michigan, 2014

Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant, University of Michigan, 2013

Mellon Dissertation Research Fellowship, University of Michigan, 2012

“Roundtable: Whither the Spinster – Sexuality, Labor, and Race in Defining and Locating Women Alone,” Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, New York, 2020.

“Historical, Psychological, and Sociological Diversity for Social Justice,” Social Science Conference: Difference, Diversity, and Social Justice, LaGuardia Community College, 2019.

“Clinic Escorting, Clinic Defense, and the Politics of Abortion Activism,” Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Conference: Body Politics, LaGuardia Community College, 2019.

“New Work in LGBTQ History,” Annual Meeting of the Organization of American Historians, 2019.

“Round Table: Building Queer-Inclusive Curriculum and Student Life Beyond the R1,” Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, Chicago, 2019.

Ask an Assistant Professor, Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, Chicago, 2019.

“History and Memory,” Urban Studies Conference: The Queer City, LaGuardia Community College, 2018.

“Organizing for Civic Engagement on our Diverse and International Campus,” Opening Sessions Panel, LaGuardia Community College, 2018.

“Lesbians at Home: Letter Writing and Making Meaning of Intimacy,” Berkshire Conference of Women Historians, New York, 2017.

“A Contested Vision: California Lesbian Feminisms and Telling Queer History through Oral Histories” (Panel Organizer), Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, New York, 2015.

“‘Toward Our Sisters’: Lesbian Feminists Lay Claim to Women’s Liberation from the Periphery,” Annual Meeting of the Organization of American Historians, Atlanta, 2014.

“Looking to Lesbian Feminism: Opening Historical Narratives and Fostering Activist Alliances,” A Revolutionary Moment: Women’s Liberation in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Boston University, 2014.

“Generations of Feminists: Changes and Continuities,” Center for Gender in the Global Context, Women’s History Month Series, Michigan State University, 2013.

“‘Toward Our Sisters’: Lesbian Feminism and Power Dynamics in Women’s Liberation” (Panel Organizer), Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association, Chicago, 2013.

“‘On a Queer Day You Can See Forever’: The Furies through the Lens of Lesbian History,” Graduate Student Conference in Modern American History, University of Michigan, 2012.

“A Freer Human Being: Finding Feminism in Lesbian’s Pursuit of Identity, Partnership, and Community,” Annual Meeting of the Western Historical Association, Oakland, 2011.

“Finding Lesbian History in Lesbian Feminist Vanguardism,” Doing Queer Studies Now Graduate Student Conference, University of Michigan, 2010.

“Politics and Memory and in the Gay and Lesbian Community,” Women’s Resource Center, Women’s Herstory Month Series, California State University, Sacramento, 2009.

Queer Advisory Team Co-Chair, LaGuardia and Wagner Archives, 2020-present

Committee on LGBT History, Co-Chair, 2021-2023

Founder and Chair, Lavender LaGuardia, 2019-present

Committee on LGBT History, Board Member, 2018-2020

Advisement 2.0 Initiative, Liberal Arts Advising Team Member, LaGuardia Community College, 2019-2020

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Open House, Organizer, LaGuardia Community College, 2019

Benchmark Assessment of Inquiry and Problem Solving Competencies, LaGuardia Community College, 2019

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Option in Liberal Arts, Executive Committee Member and Community Outreach Coordinator, LaGuardia Community College, 2018-2019

Writing in the Disciplines Seminar, LaGuardia Community College, 2018-2019

LaGuardia and Wagner Archives, LGBTQ Public History Project, 2017-2019

Women’s Studies Quarterly, Manuscript Reviewer, 2018

Provost Learning Space Seminar, LaGuardia Community College, 2018

Benchmark Assessment of Writing Competencies, LaGuardia Community College, 2018

New Faculty Colloquium, LaGuardia Community College, 2017-2018

Committee on LGBT History, Lorde and Sprague Prizes Committee member, 2015-2016

Historical Approaches to Gender and Sexuality, Co-founder and Coordinator, Graduate Student Workshop, University of Michigan, 2014-2016

Institute for Research on Labor, Employment, and the Economy, Mellon Public Humanities Fellow, 2014

Graduate Employees’ Organization, Women’s Caucus Chair, University of Michigan, 2013-2014

Graduate Employees’ Organization, Bargaining Team Coordinator, University of Michigan, 2013

Graduate Employees’ Organization, Grievance Chair, University of Michigan, 2012-2013

Graduate Employees’ Organization, Vice President, University of Michigan, 2010-2012

Clio History Journal, Editor, Second Place Award, George D. Nash History Journal Competition, California State University, Sacramento, 2008-2009

“This Light, This Air: Dorothea Lange’s FSA Photographs of the Central Valley, 1930-1945,” Member, Exhibit Curatorial Board, Sacramento, California, 2008-2009

Teach American History Grant Project, Graduate Student Research Assistant, Placer County of Education, 2008

Women’s Resources and Research Center, Peer Educator, University of California, Davis, 2000-2001

United States History to 1865
United States History since 1865
History of Women, Gender, and Sexuality (WGSS Core Curriculum)
African American History
Sex and Politics in 20th Century U.S. (First Year Writing Requirement)
The Games We Play (Honors Program; First Year Seminar)
Building American Empire, 1901-1950
Graduate Student Instructor Training (Mentor and Course Coordinator)
Sickness and Health in America, 1492 – Present

Clinic Escorts for New York City, Co-Coordinator, 2018-present

Northeast Regional Clinic Escort Conference, Moderator, Reducing Abortion Stigma Panel, 2018

Wild West Women Films, Historical Consultant on Tea with Alice and Me, 2014-2017

Wild West Women Films, Historical Consultant on Inez Milholland-Forward Into the Light, 2015-2016

Veteran Feminists of America, The Bridge Project, Co-founder, 2011-2014

California National Organization for Women, President, 2008

California National Organization for Women, Vice President, 2007

Sacramento Women’s Health Specialists, Clinic Escort , 2002-2009

Sacramento National Organization for Women, Executive Committee, 2003-2007

Northern California Association for Women Take Back the Night, Committee Member and Organization Historian, 2004-2006